Health & Fitness Calculators

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Calorie Calculator (i.e. Total Daily Energy Expenditure Calculator)

Calculate suggested daily caloric intake

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

Calculate BMI based on height (inches) and weight (pounds)

Metric Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

Calculate BMI based on height in centimeters (cm) and weight in kilograms (kg)

VO2 Max Calculator

Calculate VO2 Max without taking a fitness test

Running Pace Calculator

Calculate your runnning pace based on either kilometers or miles

Plus many more to come!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find the answers to common questions about health and fitness

  • What is the simple meaning of "health"?

    Health is "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease" according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Physical is about the body. Mental is about how people think and feel.

  • What is the definition of "fitness"?

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), physical fitness is defined as "the ability to carry out daily tasks with vigor and alertness, without undue fatigue, and with ample energy to enjoy leisure-time pursuits and respond to emergencies." Based on this definition, fitness involves everything from getting out of bed to hiking to performing CPR.

  • What is a calculator?

    According to Wikipedia: A calculator is a machine that allows people to do math operations more efficiently. For example, many calculators will add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Some also calculate square roots, and more complex calculators can help with calculus and draw function graphs. Calculators are ubiquitous. Smartphones and other computers can also serve as a calculator.

    Some calculators, such as the abacus, will work without requiring batteries. Others, like the electronic calculator, need batteries. There are two main types of electronic calculators: simple calculators—which can only add, subtract, multiply and divide, and sometimes take square roots—and scientific calculators—which can do many other things, such as calculate factorials and trigonometry functions.

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